Paul Hallgren


paul-hallgrenPaul Hallgren is not only a master of his trade, he is a brilliant designer and artisian who really cares about every detail of his work. As an art and furniture design major in college, Paul also quickly discovered that he was a natural engineer. He can see a picture of any piece of furniture and immediately know  how to successfully build it.

Paul’s skills with computer drawing software give clients a three dimensional preview of whatever they need to change in the design to fit the space or the function. An added benefit of working with Paul is that he has excellent listening skills and communicates very clearly so clients really get what they want and a product that they will be proud of.

Furniture finishes are an art all to themselves and the finest of furniture will not be the same without a fine finish. Paul’s attention to detail has made him a master finisher. He has blended his own signature stains that are not found anywhere else or applied with the same care.

Paul has created a generative business model in Hub Industries. His highly skilled staff works as a team to produce exquisite custom furniture with reliability, responsibility and consistency.